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What's On

Sunday 4th December
  • 11.00am Morning Service,
    Rev. Rob Jones
  • A time of fellowship follows the Morning Service
  • 6.30pm Evening Service
  • Communion follows the Evening Service


Tuesday 6th December


Wednesday 7th December
  • 7.30pm Prayer & Bible Study


Thursday 8th December
  • 7.00pm Women’s Fellowship
  • Speaker: Rev. Daniel Pollin


Friday 9th December
  • 10.00am Drop in Café
  • 7.00pm Deacons’ Meeting


Saturday 10th December
  • 2.30pm - 4.30pm Activity Group,
    Children & Parents
    *** off this week ***


Sunday 11th December
  • 11.00am Morning Worship,
    Rev. Rob Jones
  • 6.30pm Carol Service in Leven Parish Church
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